EXPLAINER: What's the deal with David Menzies, Rebel News and Andrew Scheer?

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I’ve known Andrew Scheer since he was 25 years old, and a newly elected MP.

And the main subject of our meeting was the pro-life caucus in Parliament.

But here’s the thing: It was a secret pro-life caucus. Andrew Scheer was a member of it, but if word got out about who was in it, they’d be pilloried in the press.

Isn't that pitiful? Isn’t that proof that you actually don’t really have convictions you’re willing to fight for?

Years later, Rebel News interviewed Andrew Scheer as we normally would interview any other politician. 

The interview was a disaster. TONIGHT I'll show you the worst part...

Needless to say, that’s the last time Andrew Scheer had anything to do with Rebel News.

I tell you that as background to yesterday’s interaction with David Menzies and Andrew Scheer.

Simply put, Scheer and his people kicked out David from a public press conference.

They had the police do it. And then they had the police arrest and handcuff him.

But I see that the Conservative party is pushing back, claiming a few things — and I’ve received dozens of e-mails from viewers echoing these Conservative excuses.

And I want to rebut them, because they’re lying about David and us, and I think that’s wrong.

They said, the campaign event yesterday wasn’t really a campaign event. It was a private event. It wasn’t a media event. And they said it wasn’t even the Conservatives that kicked us out. Some Conservative candidates were even saying the CBC was kept out too, so it wasn’t to punish the Rebel.

Those three things just aren’t true.

The CBC reported it as a “media availability.” 

And the National Post reported it as a “public appearance.” 

Of course, we are both the public and the media.

And they brought David right in, when he arrived.

The CBC was there, a welcome guest. Here’s their reporter, Salimah Shivji, tweeting the exact moment when a Conservative Party staffer, Jamie Ellerton, kicked out David.

Some Conservatives said Andrew Scheer wasn’t even there. He absolutely was there, and gave a press conference and answered questions from other reporters.

Yesterday we published a video about what happened, right after David returned from the event.

But today, we also posted a video of David's subsequent attempt to get Andrew Scheer to explain himself. This took place at a Conservative candidate's event in Brampton.

At last night's Brampton event, he met that same cop he did the day before. First, he said David couldn’t come. Then he said David could come in — but only if he promised not to ask any questions.

David’s been a reporter for 35 years. He’s not going to stop because some cop tells him to, or because a cop says he can come in but can’t ask questions.

We’re not going to stop doing journalism.

We’re not going to stop coming to your events.

We’d just rather ask you questions about real things, rather than questions about why you call the cops on us.

NEXT: The BBC's John Sweeney retired today — but not before "taking a swipe at Tommy Robinson," who was the subject of a would-be take-down episode of the show Panorama. Tommy turned that fiasco into a documentary of his own, called Panodrama.

Tonight, Tommy Robinson joins me to talk about Sweeney's resignation, his statements about him and more.

FINALLY: Your letters to me!

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