The fight continues for card shop hit with lockdown fines in U.K.

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You may remember a story we did last year regarding Grace Cards & Books in Droitwich, England. Once the U.K’s second national lockdown was implemented in October, co-owners Lydia and Alasdair Walker-Cox decided that they were not going to adhere to the new public health measures that ultimately closed their shop. On November 13, they decided that enough was enough and opened their doors. For this, they received a prohibition notice for non-compliance.

Fast forward to February 1, 2021, when Grace Cards & Books came on the receiving end of another fixed penalty notice for not wearing masks inside their shop back in January. The fine they received was set at £1,000 (approximately $1,700 CAD). Although they were legally allowed to open their shop during this period, law enforcement and council still managed to find a way to target them.

We thought this was unjust and that's why we chose to back Grace Cards & Books 100 per cent through our campaign at Thanks to the support of our viewers, we are able to crowdfund a legal team to help Lydia and Alasdair fight back against these unjust measures. If you would like to help us fight back against these fines, please visit the campaign at, and make a donation if you can.

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