Droitwich, U.K. card shop continues to defy English lockdown

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A small Christian bookshop in England is facing potential closure, after receiving £20k in fines.

Grace Cards & Books have done everything they can to adapt to new coronavirus regulations, yet the local council and police are hearing none of it. They believe that the bookshop is “non-essential,” a term which lawyers say is legally unenforceable and vague.

The proprietors have looked at the definition of “essential,” which involves selling food, drinks and newspapers, and started selling those items in order to stay open. The local authorities have ignored these efforts, and pushed to close the shop.

When they’ve refused to close, the authorities have fined them instead.

Owners Lydia and Alasdair tell me that they are adamant that they will stay open, and we are keen to fight their case on their behalf. I spoke to them recently about how things have been developing. See the video above.

If you would like to help small business owners like Lydia and Alasdair, you can chip in and support them and others like them at FightTheFines.co.uk.

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  • By Alexandra Lavoie

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