The Liberals are coming to censor the internet in Canada

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Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault wants to introduce legislation to try and further censor Canadians. 

This new censorship legislation will have tremendous power, including the power to overrule moderators at Facebook or Twitter or YouTube who the government thinks aren’t censoring hard enough. 

Of course, taunting someone, or insulting someone, or criticizing a politician, isn’t against the law. In fact, it is protected by law, the highest protection, in our fundamental freedoms.

There is no speech that is more protected in society than political speech criticizing the government. 

So what happens when you criticize a government that thrives on censoring its opponents?

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra went through a few clips from Guilbeault's plan for censoring the internet in Canada. 

Speaking about how Guilbeault will enforce these rules through social media companies, Ezra said:

The good news is Guilbeault himself will tell Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc., he will tell them what the rules are — if the rules make no sense, if they're arbitrary, if they're biased in his favour. He's just going to do it. He's nice that way.

He's just going to tell the social media companies exactly what they have to do and if they do exactly what he says, there's no fine, no censorship. 

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