YouTube suspended our channel for a week — here's what we did!

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YouTube suspended our channel for a week. That week is now over, and I’d like to tell you what happened.

They cut us off from everyone, including our 1.45 million channel subscribers who signed up to hear from us. YouTube didn’t just block us from speaking — they blocked our 1.45 million friends from watching. They punished you, not just us. And I think they’re going to do it again.

I’ve learned a lot about YouTube in the past week, and none of it is good. They’re an unethical company with deceptive business practices.

They’re owned by Google whose motto used to be “don’t be evil”. They officially decided to drop that a few years ago, and it shows.

The first thing to know is that in the six years Rebel News has been on YouTube, 15,000 videos we’ve published on the platform, we’ve never had a strike.

By that I mean, we’ve never violated their terms of service. We follow the rules every time.

But suddenly, last week, with no notice, and with no appeal, they just suspended us. Refused to let us publish new videos or livestream.

They claim that an old video I did more than three months ago suddenly violates their rules. They didn’t care about it back then.

But let’s be honest. They’ve been combing through our video library, going back years, to find something, anything, to get us. For all I know they’ve found other videos from the past that they’re waiting to use as their next excuse to ban us permanently. They’re tricky that way. Don’t trust them.

So our channel’s suspension is over — but I believe we’ll be hit again soon. This was actually the second attack on us in recent weeks — just recently YouTube suddenly cut off our ability to run any ads at all, or use SuperChats — and they gave no reason whatsoever. They’re obviously coming to kill us. This suspension was their second attack.

So in the past week, we’ve been busy. We’ve spoken with the executives at three rival video platforms — Rumble, Odysee, and one other company that’s about to launch in the next week or so.

I never thought about it much until we started doing livestreams with Rumble and Odysee. We only have a handful of subscribers there — we just signed up.

And yet in our very first day, we had more viewers on Rumble than we had on YouTube. Almost as many on Odysee.

You know: I think YouTube has been artificially suppressing our livestreams, by a factor of 99 per cent.

I really think YouTube are what they promised they’d never be — they are evil. At least towards people they hate. And I don’t care how many awards they give themselves, we all know who they really are now.

So our suspension is over, but I’m sure another one is coming.

But I’m here to say that Rebel News will survive — and thrive.

GUEST: Gordon G. Chang (@GordonGChang on Twitter) on the news that a hot pot chain from China had installed “more than 60 surveillance cameras to monitor its staff and customers at one of its locations in Canada”.

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