The Liberals produced zero proof their gun grabs will curb rising crime rates

The lack of evidence was revealed through Conservative questioning last week at the Public Safety Committee.

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Justin Trudeau has had a dangerous and unfair gun control agenda from the very beginning. He just needed the right tragedy to stand upon. He used the largest mass killing in Canadian history in Nova Scotia, committed by a madman with illegal guns, to kickstart his scheme.

Through an undemocratic order in council, Trudeau started banning thousands of Canadian rifles and shotguns from the people who had jumped through all the hoops to own them. Then recently, standing on the tragedy of a school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, Trudeau decided to grandfather out handgun ownership in Canada.

The government's own data shows a statistical rounding error of murders in this country that are committed by legally owned handguns. The guns used in crimes are often stolen from lawful firearms owners  victims of crimes  or trafficked to cross a porous border the Liberals refuse to address for social justice reasons.

Conservative MP Dane Lloyd at the Public Safety committee demanded evidence that the gun grabs will stop gun crime. Talal Dakalbab, the assistant deputy minister of Public Safety, could not produce any.

According to the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, the gun buyback program, a ridiculous name to describe forcibly confiscating something you never owned, is going to cost upwards of $800 million.

And before a single door has been kicked in by the RCMP to snatch the guns from law-abiding people, the office of the firearms buyback secretariat has cost the taxpayer nearly 4 million bucks.

And none of it will work. Just look at "gun-free" Chicago on any given weekend.

To sign our petition calling on the federal government to stop wasting scarce resources on the most law-abiding segment of the Canadian population, please visit

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