Even the Liberals know their handgun ban targets you

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GUEST HOST: Sheila Gunn Reid

It all started back in May 2020, when Justin Trudeau used the catastrophes of the government lockdown and the single largest mass casualty event in Canadian history to push forward a gun-control agenda, some say with the help of the RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki, who is accused of using herself to be a political pawn strategically releasing information that would help Trudeau further his gun-control agenda.

He banned, using order in council,1500 popular models of shotguns and firearms from the very people who jumped through all the hoops to do everything right to own those possessions.

Because somebody who did not go through those same hoops committed murders. Seems legit.

And then Trudeau used in the shooting in a school in Uvalde, Texas, where the police stood idly by outside, to disarm Canadians who don't want to rely on potentially useless police officers for their safety.

He used that shooting where children died to ban the sale and importation of handguns here in Canada.  Some criminals did something somewhere else and Canadian firearms owners pay the price.  It's an evergreen statement.

And then Trudeau said the quiet part out loud. It wasn't about handguns or Uvalde or the mass casualty event in Nova Scotia. It was about making sure you never owned firearms again.

As I said, that's the quiet part out loud. That's the part that only they are supposed to know, but you don't.

And the Liberals really don't need any evidence for anything that they do, from ArriveCAN, to travel bans, to gun grabs, to prove the efficacy before they do them. 

But this week in the House of Commons, an order paper question response, compelled out of the government by Conservative MP Alex Ruff of Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound, showed just how little effectiveness the Liberals' handgun ban is going to have on real crime rates — because it only targets the lawful.

It must have burned a Liberal's ass to have to produce this data.

Let's take a look at it quick. Ruff asked the government for statistics on crimes committed with handguns since January 1, 2016, including how many were committed by an illegally obtained handgun.

Page two has a footnote that indicates the Quebec stats are completely excluded because of the low-quality data and mostly unknown what kind of weapons are used in murders and crimes.

I'm old enough to remember when the alleged-conservative failure of a leadership hopeful, Jean Charest, fought the Harper government in court to be able to maintain long-gun registry data in Quebec after the registry was tossed out by Stephen Harper. I guess it wasn't all that effective, violating the rights of gun owners, was it?

We can see that 6% of incidents were committed with replica guns. Toys.

But here's the real kicker. On page three and four, we can see the stats on legal handguns versus illegal ones used in crimes. The legal guns used are minuscule 11 across the entire country in 2020 out of 137 handgun murders.

So yeah, that handgun ban is totally going to work except for 90+% of the time when it won't.

But it's not about murder and crime, is it? It's about getting those guns away from Canadian civilians. The gangs, I guess, are going to get a free pass. The way they always do.

But don't take my word for it. Justin Trudeau told us when his brain malfunctioned once again, and he went completely off script. And told the truth.

GUEST: Seattle-based Rebel News USA reporter Katie Daviscourt (@KatieDaviscourt on Twitter) on her efforts to Save Seattle's Chinatown

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