Seattle’s Chinese International District (CID) is revolting against city council after the county proposed a $22 million taxpayer-funded HOMELESS MEGAPLEX next to their district.

According to NBC, hate crimes against Asians have increased by more than 330% in the past year.

The violent perpetrators are often homeless residents who get placed back onto the streets due to Seattle’s lack of prosecution and revolving door policies.

Business owners and residents of Chinatown say that the county never informed them about their plans and is taking advantage of their politeness.

The district is already riddled with criminal lawlessness following the Defund The Police movement, and residents say they fear for their safety.

Adding this homeless megaplex will increase crime and desecrate this marginalized community.

Exhausted from being victims of violent crime, burglaries, and property destruction, Seattle’s Chinatown is demanding a moratorium on the project.

As city and county executives fail to listen to their concerns, residents say they need help saving their beloved community.

If you want to help Save Seattle Chinatown by blocking the homeless megaplex from being built next to their district, sign this petition.