Outback publican speaks out after being ATTACKED and FINED for Covid rules

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Weeks after being violently attacked for enforcing COVID restrictions in his outback pub, police fined Luke Moon $10k for not executing them tough enough.

The Port of Bourke Hotel was beginning to recover from years of drought when a state-wide Coronavirus lockdown began. Owner Luke Moon took the 9-week opportunity to borrow money and renovate his remote community pub.

When they finally re-opened, Mr Moon implemented all the CHO directions, with signage, contact tracing and sanitation.

However, one patron took the state rules personally and glassed the hotel owner. That man is currently facing prison time for the attack.

Weeks later, police Senior Sergeant Jonathan Cassidy travelled 374km from Dubbo with another officer to carry sting operations on the Bourke pub.

Dubbo police fined The Port of Bourke Hotel $5k on 9th of October and came back and fined the remote pub again another $5k on the 10th.

The closest recorded Coronavirus case was in Orange NSW, over 500km away.

NSW Premier, Gladys Berejiklian held a "recovery from drought" event at the pub last year.

Mr Moon said, "Gladys loved our pub... she needs to step in and show compassion".

Local Bourke police say the undercover operation had nothing to do with them and Senior Sergeant Jonathan Cassidy did not inform the local station.

Sydney-based Solicitor, Mani Shishineh, says police tactics, in this case, are questionable, and he will defend Mr Moon in court if the prosecution refuses to withdraw.

The Sydney Morning Herald previously reported Bourke as "more dangerous than any country in the world". Things may have gotten somewhat better since 2013, but surely police have better things to do with their time.

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