The Supreme Court won't hear the constitutional challenge by two churches to COVID restrictions

'We are disappointed to learn that the Supreme Court determined that this was not a matter of national importance,' said JCCF Lawyer Hatim Kheir.

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Tamara Ugolini hosted last night's episode of the Ezra Levant show, and she was joined by Hatim Kheir, lawyer for the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms.

In relation to how the Supreme Court will not hear the constitutional challenge of COVID-related restrictions by Ontario churches, Tamara asked Hatim if he could walk through exactly what 'these churches, pastors and elders' were accused of being in violation of.

"Well, people remember there were the waves of COVID and the lockdowns follow that," answered Hatim.

"And so when this all initially happened back in March of 2020, both of our clients, churches complied. But then when winter came around and another round of lockdowns began, which were particularly strict and the province went into a shutdown phase, both churches decided that they couldn't, in good conscience, close their doors to their parishioners."

Hatim continued:

And so they continued to hold services. The Aylmer Church of God started holding outdoor services eventually, and the Trinity Bible Chapel was holding indoor services.

But notably they had a, under normal circumstances, a capacity of 900 people in their hall. And at times they were limited to having ten people indoors. So they went ahead with holding services. They received police attention as a result of that.

"And now here in the Ontario court, Justice Pomerance denied the church's challenge and upheld what is being called violations of freedom of conscience and freedom of religion," said Tamara.

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