This Hour Has 0.0 Minutes of Intelligence – or Truth

The CBC plays the victim yet again

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You may recall that we bumped into Marg, Warrior Princess (recently upgraded to Marg, Warrior Queen) outside the Canadian Museum of History in Gatineau, Que., last Wednesday. The museum was serving as the venue for the French-language federal leaders’ debate, and Marg, who is one of the alleged comediennes on This Hour Has 22 Minutes, was doing her shtick, cracking “funny'' political “jokes” and dancing with her dual swords. (Question: how does someone armed with swords get anywhere near political leaders — or is there a different set of rules for CBC employees?)

In any event, we inquired why Marg (real name: Mary Walsh) thinks that she should be entitled to taxpayer dollars for her gainful employment on the CBC. And her various answers were the most hilarious lines Marg has ever uttered in the history of This Hour Has 22 Minutes.

Well, we returned to the Canadian Museum of History the following night for the English-language leaders’ debate. And there was Marg yet again, doing her stale shtick. But this time, a group of mostly pro-People’s Party of Canada demonstrators was heckling her to such an extent that Marg and her camera crew made a beeline to their nearby minivans to facilitate a hasty retreat. The people had spoken, and what they were chanting was not CBC-friendly content.

I caught up with Marg, who, sadly, was locked outside of her Dodge Caravan. I started asking queries again about why she feels so entitled to taxpayer funding. But things took a dark twist: Marg said that not only had she been shouted down, but that she had been physically assaulted. 

Ah, but here’s the rest of the story. You see, this caper was a two-cameraman shoot. And before Lincoln Jay and I got to the scene, our ace shutterbug Mocha Bezirgan was already filming the entire encounter between Marg and the demonstrators. We scrutinized the video footage as though we were analyzing the Zapruder film. And lo and behold, we did find physical contact: namely, Marg walked into the microphone of an independent journalist! And this, Marg would have us believe, is a physical assault?

We did reach out for comment in case we missed something, but no comments were forthcoming. Apparently Marg loves to pepper targets with idiotic questions but has zero tolerance when it comes to being questioned herself.

Alas, methinks the CBC Khaleesi protests way, way too much. But then again, when it comes to the fake news factory that is the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, does this latest whopper regarding false victimhood come as a surprise to anyone?

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