CBC’s 'Marg, Warrior Queen': your tax dollars hard at work

David Menzies runs into an alleged comedian from CBC's “hit” show, This Hour Has 22 Minutes.

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This Hour Has 22 Minutes, which is allegedly a comedy show that airs on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, features a character called Marg, formerly a Warrior Princess and now a Warrior Queen. Queen of what, you ask? How about Queen of Your Taxpayer Dollars, given that her employer, the CBC, receives more than $1 billion in subsidies per year from the federal government.

When we came across Marg outside the Canadian Museum of History in Gatineau, Que., she was doing her groovy shtick in front of a group of People’s Party of Canada supporters. That was very interesting indeed, given that one of the superb planks of the PPC platform is that if elected, the PPC would defund the CBC.

We sought feedback regarding that policy initiative from Her Highness. Indeed, we wanted to know why Canadians are obligated to fund the CBC in the first place. Embracing that wacko philosophy that “two wrongs make a right,” the CBC Khaleesi noted that the United Kingdom’s BBC broadcaster is taxpayer-funded, too.

(Um, being fans of the free market, we’d like to see the BBC defunded of government money, too, to put more money back into the pockets of Britons...)

She also inexplicably played the victim card, stating that “no one has ever threatened to defund you guys [Rebel News].”

Hey, Marg, newsflash: Rebel News doesn’t receive a single dime of taxpayer money — nor would we accept that money if offered. We sell subscriptions to our premium content shows and ask for voluntary donations — in other words, we embrace the most honest sort of fundraising there is.

Marg, unable to further bolster her argument that CBC employees should be entitled to their entitlements, soon bolted into the night, doing swordplay with her plastic sabres and cackling aloud... proving that, well, at least one person in Canada found her act downright hilarious.

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  • By Ezra Levant


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