This year Earth Hour wants you to consume MORE power

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This Saturday at 8:30 p.m., a historic event shall occur. Namely, we are all going to witness the jump the shark moment for both climate change AND COVID-19. You see, Earth Hour 2021 is… going electric! I swear, I’m not joking: Earth Hour 2021 is actually going to be… anti-Earth Hour?!

Nobody I know celebrates Earth Hour. You know, those 60 minutes of the last Saturday in March during which we are all supposed to pull the plug on civilization and freeze in the dark? Yeah, let’s “Save the Planet” — well, for an hour, at least — as we party like it’s… 1699...

You may remember I tried complying with this nonsense last year, going deep into the forest so I wouldn’t be distracted by any ambient light, thanks to all those selfish bastards watching Hockey Night in Canada during sacred Earth Hour. It didn’t go well.

But here’s the deal for Earth Hour 2021: because of the Wuhan virus, the Cult of Greta Thunberg wants you to RAMP UP the power this year.

You see, due to COVID protocols we still can’t gather outdoors. That would lead to “super-spreader” events. So, the Earth Hour folk want you to “Switch On” — they actually use those words when it comes to their Earth Hour 2021 guidelines.


“This year Earth Hour is all about staying in touch, via whatever virtual space works for you. COVID-19 has highlighted many challenges our world is facing, but Earth Hour is all about standing together in unity and showing that we care about our natural world. WWF has created some slick GIFs that are perfect for sharing. So, login, stay in touch and share one message of support #ForNature.”

Yeah… and sharing GIFs requires computers that, alas, cannot run on the power of candlelight…

Bottom line: folks, get your water skis primed. Because when it comes to climate change and COVID propaganda, this Saturday at 8:30 is indeed the jump the shark moment for the Enviro-Weenie movement.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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