Trudeau calls for stronger vaccine mandates

Trudeau calls for stronger vaccine mandates
The Canadian Press / Andrew Vaughan
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Justin Trudeau advocated for “stronger vaccine mandates” in response to a question about Afghanistan during a campaign stop in Hamilton, Ont., adding that Conservative Party leader Erin O'Toole does not hold the same views on the mandates.

The answer was in response to a question about calling the election on the same day as the fall of Kabul.

Here's part of what Trudeau had to say:

“At the same time, our democracy is strong. At the same time, we know full well that this is a time, a pivotal choice for Canadians in how we move forward. On how we do even more for Canadians who are coming out of this pandemic, which we're not through yet.

“And the choice, on how to end this pandemic? Is clear for Canadians.

“We're standing for clear, stronger vaccine mandates. Erin O'Toole doesn't.

“Please get vaccinated.

“And we're gonna continue to make sure Canadians know there's an important choice in how we're going to build a better future for everyone. This is the thing we need to keep focused on. And this is the choice Canadians need to make now, and I know Canadians deserve to have their say.”

Last week, O'Toole told Rebel News that he would support the rights of unvaccinated travellers.

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