Trudeau's hair, beard, socks are CBC's idea of news | Cosmin Dzsurdzsa with Ezra Levant

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Regular Rebel readers will not be shocked to hear this, but the CBC is very fond of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. It's understandable, after all, the Trudeau was the leading man for GQ magazine's "most stylish men alive" 2016 edition, ahead of fellow stylish Canucks like actor Ryan Reynold's and singer Drake.

True North's Cosmin Dzsurdzsa was a guest on yesterday's edition The Ezra Levant Show to discuss the CBC's fascination with these non-political aspects of Trudeau, and he's just the guy for the subject, having just written for True North a piece titled: CBC covered Trudeau's socks and hair more than disgraced Liberal MPs.

Speaking to Ezra, Cosmin explained that the data in the estimate from his report was actually an underestimate that didn't even factor in CBC television or radio programming, adding that:

It's funny that the CBC spent so much time complaining about the Conservatives [for their attack ad that mentioned Trudeau's hair] but when you actually add up all these mentions about Trudeau's appearance — whether it's his hair, whether it's his beard or it's his socks — it's quite a significant amount.

I mean, I counted 76 articles. In this industry a lot of people get paid per article, so if you were to tally that up in terms of amount of words people were paid for, I think that might be a significant amount of money that comes out of the public coffers.

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