Trudeau's spin doctors: $2.5m Harrington Lake upgrade “important work” for sustainability

Trudeau's spin doctors: $2.5m Harrington Lake upgrade “important work” for sustainability
The Canadian Press / Adrian Wyld
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Liberal staffers circulated talking points in case reporters quizzed the government on a Globe and Mail article about a $2.5 million bill for upgrades to the prime minister's official Harrington Lake residence.

The memo was part of a longer email passed around by Tristan Laycock with Public Services and Procurement Canada the morning after the article was published.

The following talking points were included in an email sent from Laycock to fellow government staffers including Sabrina Kim, Alana Kiteley, Muna Tojiboeva, Leslie Church, Elliott Lockington, Emily Harris, James Fitz-Morris, Cecely Roy and Chelsea Kusnick:

  • The NCC is an independent Crown Corporation and is responsible for year-round maintenance and operations for the six official residences in Canada's Capital Region.
  • The NCC recognizes the significance of these official residences and are committed to working with their partners to ensure that issues related to security, heritage preservation, sustainability, and accessibility are addressed.
  • The work at Harrington Lake is part of a broader program to preserve, maintain and restore all Official Residences under NCC management.
  • We will continue to support the NCC in their important work.

Justin Trudeau spent more than $7,235,000 renovating and upgrading his prime ministerial Harrington Lake property in 2020.

You can read the full email for yourself below.

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