Unusually high number of ambulance calls at Orillia nursing home after COVID-booster clinic

Fire dispatch records show that the high number of ambulance calls, previously referred to as a 'conspiracy theory,' has turned out to be a fact.

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On September 22, there were six calls for an ambulance at Champlain Manor nursing home in Orillia, Ontario.

Orillia Fire Department dispatch records show that these calls took place at 10:14, 10:54, 11:33, 11:45, 16:44, and 17:54. That’s six calls within seven hours.

The day prior, on September 21, there were two calls at 10:37 and 22:16.

The unusually high number of ambulance visits to the home in the 48 hours after the booster rollout on September 20 received a lot of attention online after a tweet alleged that a lucid resident of the home witnessed this alarming trend unfolding:

The tweet further specifies that the resident had not witnessed more than three in one day.

In a news article shortly thereafter, administrator for the nursing home Jackie Payne confirmed that seniors were administered the bivalent COVID-19 booster dose on September 20.

That’s the same novel injection that was only tested on eight mice before receiving FDA approval for mass-population rollout.

Of the speculation, Payne said that “there is absolutely no truth to those rumours.” She said that they “serve no purpose" and only "feed the conspiracy nonsense.”

Further, “nobody, [Payne] stressed, died after receiving the shot and while there may have been an ambulance or two at the home in the following days, it was for "routine" matters such as a broken hip.”

Rebel News tried to reach Ms. Payne for comment to inquire about the typical number of ambulance visits the home receives within a 24-hour period. Is it one or two, as alluded to in the above-mentioned article?

To date, there has been no response.

Is it cause for concern that eight ambulances visited the home in the 48 hours following the administration of the bivalent booster – the fifth dose in this revolving door of shots for seniors – or is this another coincidence unworthy of investigation?

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