WATCH: Unvaxxed mum FORCED overseas for lifesaving transplant

Melbourne mother seeks desperate overseas heart transplant.

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Melbourne mum Vicki Derderian's desperate battle for a life-saving heart transplant has sparked outrage and support as she faces refusal due to her unvaccinated status in the wake of Covid-19 vaccine mandates.

Despite the challenging circumstances, Vicki remains steadfast in her fight for a chance to live and be there for her children.

In a moving interview, she revealed the extent of the emotional toll of her journey.

Struggling with heart failure in 2020, Derderian underwent treatments with hopes of qualifying for a heart transplant. However, when the vaccine mandates were introduced, her situation became even more precarious, as doctors refused to proceed with the transplant without her getting vaccinated.

Facing a difficult choice between her already weakening heart and concerns about the impact of the vaccine on her immune system, Vicki decided against vaccination.

This led to a heartbreaking rejection by medical professionals, who likened her case to those making "lifestyle choices" and offered little assurance about potential complications.

Supporters, led by Walter Mellado, rallied behind Vicki's cause, voicing their opposition to the unjust treatment she faced. They launched a new fundraiser, determined to get her the much-needed transplant abroad.

Underscoring the importance of community support, Vicki expressed her gratitude to all those standing by her.

She believes that when humanity unites for the greater good and upholds true values, justice can prevail.

Amid the controversy surrounding vaccine mandates and the denial of her heart transplant, Vicki's struggle embodies the larger debate over individual freedoms and medical decisions.

The public support may be the lifeline she needs to overcome these challenging obstacles and fulfil her wish to be there for her children and live a full life.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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