UPDATE: Toronto mosque's flag display gets stranger

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Now here’s a whiz-bang new way to adhere to Canadian flag protocol: just get rid of the Canadian flag entirely!

You see, I revisited the Imam Mahdi mosque in Thornhill, Ontario, Canada. Now, when I first visited this mosque it was to cover a protest by Persian Canadians and their allies who allege that this mosque is funded by the Iranian regime (I tried to get the mosque’s side of the story but the folks there phoned the York Regional Police Service, who told me to scram or I’d be arrested for trespassing.)

In any event, I couldn’t help but notice a breach of Canadian flag etiquette taking place on the mosque property: namely, a small Canadian flag was flying beneath a large black flag that supposedly honours the grandson of the Prophet Mohammed.

Protocol dictates that if the Maple Leaf shares the same staff as another flag, it should be on top of the staff and be at least the same size as other flags flown on that particular staff.

Well, Rebel News Nation justifiably reacted with outrage over this blatant disrespect directed toward the Canadian flag.

But I can now report things have changed on the flag front at the Imam Mahdi mosque.

Namely, the Canadian flag has been eradicated! So, the good news is that there’s no more disrespect being directed toward the Canadian flag. The bad news: clearly, not everyone believes that the Maple Leaf is forever...

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  • By Ezra Levant

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