Some Toronto mosques slow to close until one imam turned “whistleblower”

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Even though the province of Ontario has declared a province-wide state of emergency in light of the coronavirus, a disturbing story emerged last week via — of all media outlets! — the CBC.

Namely, a whistleblowing imam (whose identity remains anonymous out of fear of retaliation) stated that several mosques in the greater Toronto area are staying open and are still packing in worshippers for Friday services — even though such mass congregations of people are under the ba due to COVID-19 concerns.

Here’s what the imam had to say:

“They [some GTA imams] are taking their religious orders from scholars residing in New Delhi, India, not from reputable Canadian imams. And the scholars in India have instructed them not to close down their mosques until there is an order to do so. I’ve seen a video message with my own eyes from a cleric in New Delhi who said that a Muslim is never impure and therefore it is impossible for a Muslim to impart an impurity to another Muslim.”

So it was that I decided to check out some of the mosques flagged by the imam — a couple in downtown Toronto and one in Brampton.

The good news:

Whether it was adverse publicly or the threat of hefty fines by the authorities, those particular mosques indeed appear to be following the law — each one I visited seemed to be locked down and devoid of people.

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  • By Ezra Levant


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