“Stop playing games with Canadian lives, Mr. Trudeau!” Anti-Iranian regime protest attracts police

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Iranian ex-pat Nasser Pooli is a tireless crusader against the Islamic Republic of Iran and all it stands for, ranging from state-sponsored terrorism to depriving Iranian citizens of their basic human rights.

Recently, Mr. Pooli led a small demonstration outside the Imam Mahdi Islamic Centre in Thornhill, Ont. He claims that this mosque is funded by the mullahs in Iran and many of the members here are pro-Iranian regime.

The reaction to the protest was fascinating: shortly after the demonstration began, several York Regional Police Service cruisers were dispatched to the mosque — even though the protest was being conducted on a public sidewalk and not a single protester had stepped foot on mosque property.

What’s more, a police officer acted as a spokesman for the mosque when Rebel News sought to seek comment from the mosque’s imam and/or attendees. (The message was brief: no comment.)

Moral of the story? Welcome to Justin Trudeau’s Canada in 2020: conduct a lawful and peaceful protest outside an allegedly radicalized mosque and expect to endure police intimidation; illegally occupy railroad tracks (costing the economy hundreds of millions of dollars in the process) and expect to receive police protection...

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  • By Ezra Levant

Trudeau Must Resign

Justin Trudeau honoured a 98-year-old Nazi SS officer, Yaroslav Hunka, in Parliament last Friday. The Prime Minister has yet to personally apologize for this deeply embarrassing debacle. Justin Trudeau must resign!

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