VIEWERS REACT: Ontario senior detained at Pearson airport and fined for not sharing personal medical information

CBSA and Peel Regional Police detained, fined, and even denied life-saving medicine to a senior at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport. Her crime? She didn’t want to share her medical information!

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On Friday's episode of Rebel Roundup, David Menzies took in viewers' reactions to the story of a 72-year-old woman who was recently detained at Toronto's Pearson airport.

For the crime of simply not sharing her private medical information, Sophia Rouchotas was held in custody by CBSA and Peel Regional Police after returning home from a trip to Iceland. As her blood pressure began to skyrocket while being held in detention, authorities even began using her potentially life-saving medicine as a bargaining chip to get her to comply.

Sophia ultimately received fines from law enforcement totaling $7500 and was detained for hours.

One viewer chimed in on the situation writing, "This makes me sick to my stomach. Canada has become a disgusting corrupt country under Trudeau."

Another viewer commented saying, "Lawyer up! Have ANY of these fines stuck?"

Yet another viewer explained, "First off, I want to say how this woman was treated was deplorable and unconstitutional. The fact that she was not allowed to access her luggage where she had placed her blood pressure medications is egregious."

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