VIEWERS REACT: Private-jet-flying WEF members want to take away our cars

David Menzies reads viewers letters about the WEF's latest scheme designed to keep us on the road to 'owning nothing and being happy'.

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This episode originally aired on August 19, 2022.

Back on the August 12 edition of Rebel Roundup, host David Menzies talked about the World Economic Forum’s latest suggestion — taking away ordinary people’s cars to appease Mother Nature (or Greta Thunberg). 

On last Friday’s episode, he read your letters on the issue, whether they be about the hypocrisy of these jet-flying and limo-driving globalist elites, or exposing this new ‘climate goal’ as just another one of the sinister organization’s schemes to take away people’s individual freedoms. Here are a few of them.

As always, keep providing your opinions on our Rebel News content and your words could make it into the next edition of Rebel Roundup.

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