Waterloo Catholic District School Board STILL refuses to condemn racist, sexist, and anti-Christian comments made by trustee Wendy Ashby

Why is this trustee, who is definitely Caucasian and is presumably Christian (given her place of employment) so full of self-hatred and loathing?

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Move over Bud Light, for we have a new public relations disaster brewing in Kitchener, Ont. these days…

As previously reported, Wendy Ashby is a trustee with the Waterloo Catholic District School Board. Yet based on her now deleted Tweets, a question arises: why is Ashby so full of hatred for a certain demographic?

She has Tweeted several offensive statements, but surely the most egregious one was this doozy: “The most dangerous creature on the planet is the white Christian male… They’re a Threat to anyone that is not them. #truth #facts #misogny #whitentitlement#racism #homophobia”

Why is this trustee, who is definitely Caucasian and is presumably Christian (given her place of employment) so full of self-hatred and loathing?

We – and several concerned parents – wanted to ask Ashby this question at the April 24 WCDSB board meeting. But Ashby was a no-show attending the meeting virtually via Zoom.

Ashby’s absence was most likely due to the dozens of demonstrators who attended the meeting, many demanding that the board ask for Ashby’s resignation. Alas, not only is Ashby a racist and a misandryist and a Christianophobe, but given that she was AWOL, she’s also a coward.

The same could be said for the pathetic educrats who comprise the WCDSB (aside from the two trustees that issued public statements last week condemning Ashby’s vile tweets.)

Indeed, when asked if the board was going to officially condemn Ashby’s outrageous remarks, the board temporarily suspended the meeting! They also called the police, and sure enough, seven Waterloo Regional Police cruisers showed up. (Apparently, there’s no real crime occurring in Kitchener these days, just thought crimes…)

Well, the concerned parents and Rebel News returned to Kitchener to take in the May 1 board meeting. And things got off to a rocky start. For starters, a Rebel News reporter and videographer were BANNED from attending the meeting; no reason was given. Also banned was a reporter from Campaign Life Coalition.

Rebel News brought along our jumbotron-equipped truck, however, which criss-crossed Kitchener with our call to action – namely, Ashby must go. (If you would like to sign our petition and make a donation to cover our costs, please visit www.FireAshby.com)

Meanwhile, CTV, the government-funded and approved mainstream media outlet was welcomed with open arms. (Why? Perhaps MSM sluggos don’t ask “impolite” questions.)

Several parents made statements to the board, but the only tangible outcome was the board releasing a statement following the Monday meeting noting that it approved a motion to appoint an outside consultant to investigate an allegation of a breach in the board's code of conduct. (Apparently, the board lacks the intellectual wherewithal to identify racism as racism.)

So, in the aftermath, questions arise: why won’t the board call for Ashby’s resignation? Could it be the board’s head honchos actually agree with Ashby’s statements? Or are they worried about the optics of disciplining someone who claims to be Metis? And who will this “consultant” be that the board plans to hire?

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