“We'll never know” if Cdn soldiers brought COVID back to Canada | Conservative MP Bob Benzen

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After Rebel News published a bombshell leak from the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), the Conservative opposition to Trudeau has been all but silent. The defence critic, who after googling it I learned was MP Bob Benzen, has not answered my emails regarding the scandal. Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole has also ignored emails. But that didn’t stop me.

Instead of waiting for the Conservatives to respond to my emails - if they ever do get back to me, I decided to talk to an MP face to face. Bob Benzen, a Conservative MP who sits on the National Defence Committee was the lucky MP. As he entered his office Friday morning, I asked him how he felt about Trudeau turning his back on Canadian soldiers.

“I would have wanted some tests done, just to know, just to have the facts,” Benzen said. “We’ll never know now, because they didn’t do the tests.”

The secret military documents distributed from the highest ranks of the Canadian Armed Forces covered up a scandal of global significance. The document, titled “Potential exposure to 2019 Novel Coronavirus during 7th military world games in October 2019 in Wuhan, Hubei Province China,” was written by Canada’s Surgeon General, A.M.T. Downes, Major General. The Surgeon General resigned shortly after sending this letter to the infected CAF members.

The letter written by Downs was clear – there was no need for servicemen to be worried about having had COVID-19. It was impossible, because according to the Chinese government, COVID-19 supposedly didn't exist before December, and the CAF had left Wuhan in the last days of October.

We now know that COVID was spreading through Wuhan as early as the first week of November.

You would think that a sophisticated organization like the Canadian military would err on the side of caution and simply test the sick soldiers for COVID antibodies – but no. Doing so could risk drawing the ire of China, and embarrassing Beijing on the international stage.

Imagine if it became public knowledge that China infected a foreign military with a deadly virus. They would be even more ostracized from the global community than they are now. Olympics would be cancelled. It would be a disaster for China – and Trudeau couldn't allow that.

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