We're suing Catherine McKenna and Steven Guilbeault!

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Any conceivable activity regulated by the government comes with a set of rules. Whether you agree or disagree, the rules are something important that you should know. Being able to access the official government channels where those rules are discussed is an important part of keeping informed on ever-changing rules.

In the media business, with news of impending online censorship being proposed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's government, staying up-to-date on these rules is crucial.

And yet, Rebel News boss Ezra Levant is blocked from following the official government account of Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault. Chief reporter Sheila Gunn Reid is blocked from following the official government account of former environment minister, current Infrastructure Minister Catherine McKenna

On yesterday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra laid out the Rebel News lawsuit against Liberal Party cabinet ministers Catherine McKenna and Steven Guilbeault.

Citing those threats of censorship — including the possibility for the banning of certain websites in Canada — Ezra explained why he needs to pay close attention to the public statements made by Guilbeault through his Twitter account:

So wouldn't you say I have to pay pretty close attention to this guy? But I can't, because he has blocked me — banned me. I can't go there [to his Twitter page].

When you go to his Twitter account, you see this [his public profile]. But when I go there, I see this [Steven Guilbeault has blocked you]. Even though he specifically says it's a government account.

I guess I have to pay for it through my taxes, I just can't read the news. But just me.

Sorry, if it was his personal account that's fine, I don't care. If it was his family account — like a Facebook page where he shares his home movies or of his dogs or whatever — that's fine.

But I'm talking about his government account. Which means it's not really his account, is it? It's ours, it's for all Canadian taxpayers, really. And all people he seeks to regulate and censor. So I have an interest in learning what he plans to do as a minister, but I also have the right to clapback at him online, because, of course, he's a bit of a bully himself.

This full monologue from The Ezra Levant Show is released as a bonus for viewers to help contextualize the Twitter lawsuit filed by Rebel News. For the full episode of The Ezra Levant Show, which airs Monday–Friday, become a SUBSCRIBER to RebelNews+.

You can read the full lawsuit against Guilbeault and McKenna below, or you can help fund our fight at www.TwitterLawsuit.ca.

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  • By Ezra Levant

I’m suing Catherine McKenna and Steven Guilbeault!

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