Western U student council releases statement after receiving backlash for supporting booster, mask mandates

Despite admitting that the university failed to provide enough proof for their decision, the school’s student council voted against motions to oppose mask and vaccine mandates.

Western U student council releases statement after receiving backlash for supporting booster, mask mandates
The Canadian Press / Nicole Osborne
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Following strong backlash after siding with the university regarding mask and vaccine mandates, Western University’s student council (USC) published a statement explaining why it sided with the university. 

“We’ve been hearing from students that they are feeling ill-informed as to why the mandates have been introduced,” reads the press release. “Western administration has not provided sufficient information explaining their consultations, the scientific evidence that supports their decision, and how they ultimately came to their decision.”

Despite admitting that the university “has not provided sufficient scientific evidence,” the student council still decided not to oppose the mandates. 

“This is not enough,” Western USC claims. 

“Students deserve to understand the reasoning behind this decision. Health experts are providing inconsistent direction and we want to know why Western administration landed on this policy when it differs from COVID-19 policies in many Canadian post-secondary institutions. The USC should not have to be responsible for outlining the health and safety guidelines outlined by the university; that accountability lies with Western administration,” the council’s statement continues.

“Be it further resolved, that the USC releases a statement highlighting/condemning the lack of transparency and consideration that Western administration put into this policy decision,” they also state. 

While the student council claims to have consulted the students at the university, an enormous number of them have recently taken to the streets of the campus to protest the re-implemented COVID-19 mandates. 

A student also shared his thoughts regarding the measures to Rebel News via email. 

“Western has now mandated a booster shot to be deemed ‘fully vaccinated’ contrary to federal and provincial government medical guidelines,” the student stated. “How is it logical that I am deemed ‘safe’ to travel on a congested airplane or attend an indoor concert with 15,000 maskless people but too ‘at risk’ to attend a 50+ person classroom for academic purposes ? It is beyond unscientific, illogical and inconsistent.”

“This decision has made me lose trust in the school and the council,” he insisted.


The situation at Western is evolving rapidly, and Rebel News will keep you informed with the latest developments. 

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