WesternU student council votes down motion opposing mandates | William Diaz-Berthiaume reacts

William Diaz-Berthiaume reacts to the news indicating Western’s student council disgracefully voted down a motion that would oppose the university’s discriminatory and authoritarian mask and vaccine mandates.

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Western University’s so-called student council is nothing more than a pathetic disgraceful far-left social group.

At Western University, all students and staff will be required to wear medical-grade masks in all classrooms and seminar rooms, “with the exception of those who can remain two metres apart.” The university says it will then “reassess the need for masking beyond the Thanksgiving weekend, with the goal to lift the mask mandate as soon as possible.”

On August 31, Western’s student council reportedly voted down a motion that would oppose the university’s reimposing of discriminatory and authoritarian mask and vaccine mandates. 

These mandates were implemented in a coercive manner, and came after students had their mind set on studying at Western and were ready to begin their semester, not knowing they would be forced to receive a third vaccine dose.

This is the same university that had a second-year engineering student expelled and arrested because he engaged in an act of civil disobedience — peacefully — by trying to attend the classes he paid for. 

It is one thing for the university to make irrational and discriminatory decisions, we expect it. Universities have unfortunately become woke political institutions. We all know that this is how they are. 

We’ve seen what happens at woke universities such as Point Park University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where a student had a petition against him created and received violent threats, simply because he refused to use the preferred pronouns of another student

In regards to Western University, for a so-called student council, which claims to represent the students of the school, to act in such a selfish manner, all because the councilors in it prefer to follow their far-left beliefs and not defend the students against such mask mandates… this is wrong. It is a disgrace.

A second year Politics, Philosophy and Economics student at Western University gave his thoughts to Rebel News via email.

When asked if this decision makes him trust his current student council more, he categorically said it does not. 

“Western has now mandated a booster shot to be deemed “fully vaccinated” contrary to federal and provincial government medical guidelines,” he stated. “How is it logical that I am deemed “safe” travel on a congested airplane or attend an indoor concert with 15,000 maskless people but too “at risk” to attend a 50+ person classroom for academic purposes ? It is beyond unscientific, illogical, and inconsistent.”

“This decision has made me lose trust in the school and the council,” he insisted. 

The student also suggested that the administration at Western University should release the scientific studies on which it bases itself to justify the measures.  “If Western would like to continue updating vaccination and mask requirements perhaps, they should publish their medical justifications,” he wrote.

“The least they can do is be transparent regarding the process.”

If Western University students want to fight back against these mandates, knowing that the student council will not fight for them, here is what they have to do:

The Democracy Fund is a registered Canadian charity with extraordinary lawyers. They will legally fight back against Western University’s mandates. To help them fight back, visit NoForcedBoosters.com.


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