What do Torontonians think about vaccine passports?

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The debate surrounding vaccine passports, and the notion of affording certain rights and privileges only to the vaccinated, rages on here in Canada. Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government has already enacted changes to international travel restrictions and mandatory quarantines that exclusively punish the unvaccinated. A number of provinces, including Quebec and Manitoba, have announced the implementation of some form of government-issued proof-of-vaccination ID.

Many university and college campuses have announced that students must be vaccinated in order to live in residence — with Toronto's Seneca College announcing that all students and faculty must be vaccinated in order to attend campus at all. And many businesses and venues have stated that they will only serve those who have taken the COVID-19 vaccine. The debate surrounding vaccine passports involves concerns over ethics, body autonomy, medical privacy, and active discrimination.

I went to downtown Toronto to ask the average person on the street: what do you think about the use of ‘vaccine passports’ here in Canada?

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  • By Drea Humphrey

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