Will Surrey residents succeed at recalling BC's minister of education over SOGI 123?

A grassroots campaign seeks to use British Columbia’s recall legislation to remove the minister of education for her staunch support of gender ideology in schools.

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In today’s report, we interview a group of organizers and canvassers behind a grassroots campaign seeking to use British Columbia’s recall legislation to have the province's minister of education, Rachna Singh, removed from her seat in the legislative assembly. This is due to her staunch support for the province's controversial Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity school program called SOGI 123.

The campaign gained life last November after BC Elections approved a petition launched by Gurdeep Jassal, a registered voter in Singh's Surrey-Green Timbers riding. Jassal brought the petition forth over frustrations with the minister's staunch support for SOGI 123, which many parents believe is sexually indoctrinating children through radical gender ideology in schools.

While SOGI 123 has been a source of controversy in BC among a small group of parental rights activists since its implementation across the province in 2017, increased public awareness about the "inclusive learning resources" the program normalizes in schools — such as tools that encourage the unscientific belief that a child can be born in the wrong body and sexually explicit books in school libraries — has led to tremendous support for the removal of the program.

“We are fighting for parental rights, and all our efforts to dialogue with the government have failed, so we are recalling Rachna Singh,” Freedom Party of BC leader Amrit Birring told Rebel News on site at a Recall Rachna protest that took place this past Saturday.

A small but diverse group of protesters — who sought to raise awareness about the campaign and to invite others to help canvas for the over 11,000 signatures the group hopes to garner by January 29 — gathered at the corner of King George Blvd and 88th Ave.

After the protest ended, attendees went door-to-door in part of Singh’s riding to try and gain more signatures by discussing SOGI 123 and showing the sexually explicit images and language the program approves for young students to have access to.

“It was overwhelmingly positive,” Birring told Rebel News in a statement after canvassing. “Every single person we spoke to that was eligible to sign the petition had signed it,” Birring added. He believes that if they gain enough canvassers to continue for a few hours a day until the deadline, they should be able to achieve their goal.

If the RecallRachna.ca campaign is successful at gaining enough signatures to have the Minister’s seat recalled, it would trigger a by-election in the Surrey-Green Timbers riding.

In order to get my boots on the ground to bring you this report, Rebel News had to hire two bodyguards to be by my side.

If you appreciate that our reporters cover the sexualization of kids in schools, even though sometimes we are physically targeted by supporters of such for doing so, please consider donating what you can to JournalistDefenceFund.com to help us recoup our security costs for reports like this.

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