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Workers, residents stand against vaccine policy at Saskatchewan legislature

Emotions were high as demonstrators gathered for a silent protest in support of those facing termination from employment over vaccine mandates.

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The Saskatchewan legislative assembly resumed sitting on Wednesday, Oct.27 at 2 p.m.

So, on this beautiful, windy autumn day, a group of several hundred concerned citizens and workers were out front from noon until 2 p.m., standing on and near the steps of the Legislative Building in Regina to express their displeasure against the province’s proof-of-vaccination policy.

The protest was put on by the group Unified Grassroots (who you may remember from one of my previous reports; they put on a concert in Saskatoon at the beginning of October).

Among the attendees were people of all walks of life and ages, but the theme seemed to be concerned workers who either have lost their job due to the vaccine mandates, or are being threatened to lose their job.

Many protesters stood in silence, as the event was advertised as a ‘silent protest’.

However, emotions were high, given what is at stake for so many, and some protesters held signs, chanting various slogans including “Scott Moe come on out”, in a plea to draw the premier out of the building to “speak to his people”.

While Scott Moe did not come out — nor did he even enter in the front door — one MLA, Nadine Wilson, stood on the stone steps to give an impassioned speech, including a heartfelt “I’m so sorry” to those losing their livelihoods, as well as providing some hope that maybe, just maybe, the good hearts of the other MLAs could be swayed. Nadine’s short speech was followed by immense cheering and applause.

I  had the opportunity  to interview the lovely Nadine Wilson, who is not only an MLA, but also a lifelong Saskatchewan resident, rancher, mother and grandmother. She provided insight into her recent resignation from the Saskatchewan Party after ‘‘misrepresenting her vaccination status.” Nadine also discussed her ethical concerns with the vaccine mandate, including that she feels strongly it goes against Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

While there is a good chance that nothing will change because of this protest, I learned about many of the actions individuals and companies are taking against the government to fight back. I was inspired by the protesters passion, tenacity, peacefulness, and their willingness to drive as far as 400km in some cases just to attend. Rebel News will be watching Premier Moe closely to see what, if anything, shifts in the near future for these regular citizens who just want to go to work and return to some semblance of security and normalcy in their prairie lives.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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