World Wide Rally for Freedom protesters react to Kenney resignation

Rebel News was at Courthouse Park in Calgary, Alberta on Saturday for the World Wide Rally for Freedom where hundreds gathered to oppose ongoing COVID-19 mandates and restrictions which continue to see Canadians unable to freely travel within our borders and abroad.

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In light of Jason Kenney’s shocking announcement, after narrowly passing his leadership review, that he would be stepping down as leader of the United Conservative Party, we asked people in attendance to what extent they believed his downfall resulted from broken promises and overreaching enforcement on the COVID-19 front. Kenney promised there would be no vaccine passports and promised an end to lockdowns, and he failed on both of those commitments.

Kenney also oversaw numerous targeted and high-profile arrests including small business owners, like Chris Scott, and most shockingly a series of pastors including the ongoing harassment, repeated arrests and incarceration of Pastor Artur Pawlowski. He was also broadly criticized for failing to balance pandemic response with consideration of potential adverse mental health outcomes and negative economic impacts.

We also spoke with some familiar folks, including Dr. Daniel Nagase, retired Constable Brian Denison, former MP Rob Anders and Pastor Artur’s son Nathaniel Pawlowski, to get their reactions on Kenney’s resignation.

We also heard from independent journalist Devlin Gannon, who continues to attend the rally in bionic form as he is restricted from attending in person, and a number of rally attendees, including a new Calgarian recently arrived from Taiwan who was in a state of disbelief that Canadians are unable to freely travel nationally or abroad.

Many expressed concerns that Kenney would be staying on as leader of the UCP until a new leader is elected, fearing he would continue to exercise a problematic influence over the party, but many already have their focus set to the type of candidate needed to move Alberta forward. We will be covering the race to see who will lead the UCP moving forward like no one else at

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