INTERVIEW: Police officer under fire for daring to declare vaccine passports unlawful

The time of sitting on the fence and playing along is over, according to Constable Brian Denison, who has come forward and risked everything in order to speak truth to power.

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While a great deal of folks may silently oppose vaccine mandates, it often comes down to a few bold people who are courageous enough to take a public stance and risk everything to stand for justice. Whenever these uncompromising individuals rise, Rebel News will move mountains to be there and to share their stories when others seek to silence or vilify them.

The few who risk losing their livelihoods, experiencing slander by lying mainstream media and even ostracization by friends and family for daring to speak out against injustice, are keeping alive the legacy of men like August Landmesser, who in 1936 stood alone in defiance with his arms crossed amidst a crowd of Germans all Sieg Heiling Nazi officers. The world needs more August Landmessers, and less tag-along sycophants.

The time of sitting on the fence and playing along is over, according to Constable Brian Denison, who has come forward and risked everything in order to speak truth to power.

Despite dozens of police officers reaching out to us throughout these past two-years of COVID-19 — some over concerns about the health mandates they’ve been ordered to enforce, and others concerned over potentially losing their jobs due to vaccine mandates — Constable Brian Denison is on of the few who has been brave enough to come out publicly in opposition of vaccine mandates as fundamentally unlawful, and categorically unCanadian.

A video of him decrying the injustice of vaccine mandates went viral and garnered him attention from both hostile media outlets and the Calgary Police Service’s top brass, landing him a suspension and an entirely unwarranted bad wrap in the headlines of many media outlets. Brian does not know what lies ahead for his career as a police officer as a result of his choice, but he knew that he couldn’t carry on enforcing a lie. He chose to do the right thing instead of the easy thing. He chose to lead by example.

Constable Brian Denison joined me for a conversation to discuss the remarks he made in his now-viral video, and to give us an update on what has happened since it gained traction on social media.

We reached out to the Calgary Police Service media relations team for a response, but did not receive a reply.

Brian is not alone in his stance against medical segregation — many others who have been punished for standing up are now part of our legal challenge against vaccine mandates. If you want to help us fight back against medical tyranny, go to and donate so that we can hire lawyers to protect heroes like Brian. Your valuable contribution to the fight for freedom goes directly to The Democracy Fund, a registered Canadian charity, so you will receive a tax receipt for your donation.

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