Xi Van Fleet on Maoist Revolution and Cultural Marxism in North America

Xi Van Fleet joined Ezra to discuss her experiences surviving Mao's cultural revolution, as detailed in her book 'Mao's America: A Survivor's Warning.'

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On The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra was joined by Xi Van Fleet, survivor of Mao's Cultural Revolution and author of Mao's America: A Survivor’s Warning.

Ezra pointed out that he saw a tweet by Xi Van Fleet that said, "Same people, the same cause, the same ideology and the same goal!"

"You have given us a great education on the ways of the Maoist revolution and how it is being replicated by cultural Marxism in North America," said Ezra.

"Can you explain for our viewers who maybe missed your last appearance on the show? Explain how you would say that Black Lives Matter, the pride, quieres for Palestine and the pro-Hamas movement. How are those the same people with the same goal? Explain that for people who might not know how that could possibly be true," Ezra furthered.

Xi Van Fleet answered:

Yes, some of them would look kind of contradictory, but it is not. It's very consistent because it runs on the same accord operating system that it's called oppressors versus oppressed. That's what I was indoctrinated. And that's how Mao carried out his revolution. People always divided into two. And one is the villain and is our oppressor, and the other is the oppressed, the victim.

And everything. You look you look through that lens, and then you put your value based on balance. That means black and white thinking. That means oppressors bad and oppressed good, that anything that oppressed ore due to the oppressor is justified. Anything.

That's exactly how the revolution was carried out in China during the land reform. In the early 1950s, 1951 to 1953, Mao took over China after that and then mobilized the peasants to go against the landlord.

The property class, because they were the bad guys. They were the oppressors. They confiscated their land and then they labeled them the oppressor. And then struggle and had struggle against them. And they tortured and killed 2 million of those landlords. Their crime, wealth or just their own? A little bit more than their neighbor. And during the Cultural Revolution, they carry out the same principle oppressor versus oppressed.

Who are the oppressors? Now, they were the teachers and principals because Mao called them the reactionary, which was intellectual authority. So overnight they become the enemy and that justifies for the Red Guard to go after their teachers and their parents. The first killing took place in the Cultural Revolution in 1966 was found by a group of young girls.

Young girl from 12 to 16, from a very, very prestigious high school in Beijing. They killed their principal because their principal is labeled as the oppressor or the enemy. And actually, there's no consequence, some of the killers, because they're from the elite unit of a school and they're from the elite family. Some of them immigrate to America and and are enjoying the American dream.

And the principal no justice. And that's exactly what I see happening in America, especially today on our streets. 

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