GOVERNMENT HYPOCRISY: 122 firearms lost or stolen from federal government in 2018

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Federal Government agencies oversaw the loss or theft of 122 firearms during the same year the Liberals introduced their comprehensive gun control legislation, Bill C-71.

C-71 undid many changes made by the Harper government, notably bringing back the authorization to transport (ATT) requirement for restricted firearms. Restricted firearms are only able to be used at an official range. The ATT requires an owner to obtain prior permission each and every time to move a firearm from the place of storage to a range for use.

Proactively released access to information documents reveal that as the Liberal government was drafting legislation to make the transport of restricted firearms more complicated (but not safer), 34 firearms under the care and control of the federal departments, including the RCMP and the Canadian Forces were stolen. Another 88 were lost or misplaced.

The lost or stolen firearms included several service revolvers and RCMP sidearms, 22 taser or conductive energy devices, paintball guns, and one item described as a "submachine gun".

Canadian gun owners can face lifetime prohibitions to possession as well as incarceration if found guilty of unsafe storage of firearms.

The Liberals are projecting their unsafe storage habits and irresponsible gun ownership on the rest of us.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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