'A lot of Liberals seem to just assume they're going to be in power forever, which in a democracy obviously is not the case'

The Ezra Levant Show was joined by Spencer Fernando, Canada's self-professed 'best and most modest writer'. Spencer and guest host David Menzies discussed the Freedom Convoy and the Liberal government.

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On last night's episode of the Ezra Levant Show, guest host David Menzies was joined by Spencer Fernando, Canada's self-professed best and most modest writer. 

David asked Spencer, “What's your takeaway regarding the Trudeau government's plans to demonize the Freedom Convoy even before it arrives in Ottawa?”

Spencer responded with this statement: 

Yeah, well, I think, you know, the narrative they've tried to push is that, ‘oh well, we had no choice but to use the Emergencies Act. It was a last, last-ditch resort. You know, there's nothing we could do if the situation got so bad.’ 

And the fact that they were already calling out the Freedom Convoy extremists before it got there, as you say, getting in, in their words on the narrative that the media was pushing, it just shows that they had their end game kind of thought out ahead of time. 

They were always going to try to make it look like January 6th. 

They were always going to try to make it look extreme, and they were always going to try to use it to justify expanding government power.  

So, you know, the idea that they were ever acting in good faith and that they were ever really willing to listen to other people is, you know, obviously absurd.

David also added that he can't wait for Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino to take the stand, because Mendicino has said repeatedly that law enforcement asked the government to invoke the act. So far, there has been no evidence of that request.

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