Transitioning to a radical agenda is in nobody's best interest

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Have you heard the new whiz-bang saying for 2022 — and likely beyond? It goes like this: “If it’s trans it’s good, and if it’s good its trans.”

I speak not of trans fats nor transcontinental railways but rather transgenderism. Make that radical transgenderism, actually.

Full disclosure: I’m a huge proponent of freedom, a concept that is continually under attack these days, or in the words of wannabe Conservative leader Jean Charest, something that is “overrated.” So, in the name of freedom, I take no issue with those who want to go through life pretending to be the other sex. Thus, if an adult wants to take hormone shots and slice and dice their genitalia and wear the clothes of the opposite gender, hey, Happy Halloween 365 days a year, I suppose.

But I think the vast majority of the population draws the line where I do when it comes to the transgender community: which is to say tolerance and acceptance is one thing but affirmation and applause is quite another.

Indeed, why should it be incumbent upon all members of society to collectively don a cheerleader’s uniform complete with pom-poms and cheer on those who decide to transition, giving them a standing-O for their gender-bending ways? Look, if that 300-pound bearded dude wants to go through life wearing a miniskirt and demands to be addressed as Tinkerbell She/Her, this is not an achievement. On the contrary, it might be an indicator of mental illness. More on that later, by the way. However, if that person invents a cure for cancer or develops an engine that will deliver 200 miles to the gallon, THEN I’ll applaud – regardless if that person is a daily cos-play enthusiast who identifies as an asexual gender-fluid spirit unicorn – yeah, I’m looking at you, Busty Lemieux. See, in my book, it’s all about merit rather than “gender identification.”

Oh, and there’s another caveat I subscribe to when it comes to transgender acceptance: as I go through life minding my own business, can you folks in the radical transgender community do likewise? Which is to say, can you kindly keep your trans hands off our children?

Because given that the current motto of the progressive left these days is “if it’s good it’s trans and if it’s trans its good” this has really emboldened the radical elements in the trans community to press their agenda in the most despicable fashion imaginable: namely, trying to convince even elementary age children that the solution to their woes – be they real or imagined – is to transition into the opposite sex. In yester-decade, if little Laura liked to climb trees and play with toy cars as opposed to Barbie dolls, she was known as a “tomboy.” And she’d most likely grow out of this phase. Today little Laura is not a tomboy but a candidate for gender reassignment surgery, and the sooner the better!

This is truly beyond the pale, but the indoctrination continues because, well, once again, “if it’s trans it’s good and if it’s good it’s trans” – and if you all have a problem with that, then obviously you are transphobe – and that’s even worse than being a racist or a sexist or maybe even an Islamophobe!

And so it is that the progressives now espouse the marketing mantra of those advertising companies on Madison Avenue. Namely, “get ‘em young and get ‘em forever” – a slogan that applies as much to pitching a brand of beer as it does to embracing woke ideology.

For example, a few years ago, someone thought it was a jolly good idea to stage something called drag queen story time. No, not at a gay bar with an adult clientele, but rather at an elementary school or a library in front of impressionable minors. Question: how did this even become a thing? How did anyone think that it was a good idea for children to be exposed to a man pretending to be a grotesque caricature of women? And really, what’s the purpose other than a perverse form of gender-bending shock and awe?

Indeed, those in the radical transgender movement – and their enablers in general society, ranging from librarians to school principals – don’t seem to subscribe to age appropriateness when it comes to gender-bending. How supremely odd: we have age benchmarks when it comes to the purchase of liquor and lottery tickets and fireworks; you have to be 16 to get a driver’s licence; you have to be 18 to vote. But it’s never too early to undergo butchery to identify as the opposite gender? What rational thinking person subscribes to this mindset?

And if drag queens are allowed into schools and libraries to entertain kids, why not invite 100% biological female strippers in too? No, seriously. What’s the difference? I’m just trying to figure out the rules here, I’m trying to figure out who’s who in the sexual zoo, because quite frankly, I’m baffled.

And then there is the contentious issue of mental illness. I think back to a column in the National Post some five years ago by Susan Bradley, who is a consultant child psychiatrist, formerly chief of psychiatry at Hospital for Sick Children and head of child and adolescent psychiatry at the University of Toronto.

Bradley referenced a column in Crisis magazine written by Elise Ehrhard entitled, “Has the transgender movement gone too far?”

Ehrhard notes how the transgender movement began as activism for the rights of a tiny number of people who were uncomfortable with their biological gender. But these days, she says trans activism has evolved into an ideological movement to normalize the practice of changing genders. But in the process, she says the trans movement has crossed ethical lines with a very vulnerable segment of young people struggling with issues of gender identity.

In particular, Erhardt addresses the aggressive approach by adult trans activists in recruiting adolescents with Asperger’s Syndrome or other types of Autism.

Notably, Ehrhard herself has Asperger’s. And typical among Asperger’s girls in their adolescence, she preferred the company of boys due to the bullying she experienced from other girls. Citing a social media campaign featuring the hashtag #AutisticTransPride, she understands why Asperger’s and other autistic adolescents believe they are transgender when it fact they are not. In short, these adolescents are told they are “a girl trapped in a boy’s body” or vice versa, and many parents buy into this completely unscientific hypothesis.

Two points, folks: do you find this trend downright terrifying? And secondly, could such a column even be published today without the usual suspects who comprise the cancel culture woke left?

Indeed, because these days, even members of law enforcement are being used to crackdown on transgender wrong-thought. Which is to say if you don’t subscribe to “if it’s good it’s trans and if it’s trans it’s good” then shut up –or face arrest?!

Check out this recent story in the National Telegraph penned by Wyatt Claypool:

“Yesterday, a woman was unjustly arrested by police in Gravenhurst, Ontario, for protesting on the sidewalk outside of a Halloween-themed drag queen event taking place in a ‘church.’

“The ‘family event’ was billed as the “Hallow-Queen & Pump-King Spooktacular” and was hosted at the Gravenhurst Trinity United Church by Muskoka Pride, which involved both ‘drag performances’ and ‘drag storytime.’

“Chrystal Peters, the woman who was arrested outside of the building, was standing with a couple of other protesters when she was confronted by two police officers who accused her of “trespassing,” and told her that she cannot prove te event was inappropriate for children because she “had not been inside.” At the same time, the officers denied the ability for Peters or any of the other protesters to enter the church’s premises.

In the face of the officers attempting to shut down the small protest, Peters declared that: ‘I am protesting grown adults who want to dress in lingerie and dance around children. We have a whole country a whole nation filled with children who do not know whether they are boys or girls because of activities like this and it is up to us adults to stand up and to protect these children. To stand on [Muskoka Pride’s] side is wrong, and for them to hold it in a church is wrong.

“After Peters’ stands for basic human decency, one officer accuses her and the other protesters of blocking the entrance to the church which the woman proves to be nonsense by turning her camera towards the church’s entrance, showing a completely clear path into the building.

“The officer then counters with the ridiculous claim that the protesters do not know what is going on in the church, despite public Facebook posts advertising the drag event

Then, after more back and forth between the protesters and the police officers, the officers then walk into the church briefly before walking back and arresting the woman filming for ‘swearing’ which supposedly constitutes a ‘public disturbance’.”

Oh, and if you think this is a matter of he said/she said, well let’s check out the video evidence, shall we?

Gee, what sort of a church would temporarily pretend to be a gay bar, albeit one that turns a blind eye to age restrictions? Well, that would be the United Church, of course.

Membership in the United Church of Canada, which was created nearly a century ago by the merger of four mainline Protestant churches, peaked at 1.1 million in the 1960s according to Statistics Canada. Official reports in 2018 show the United Church has 388,363 members, with 120,986 regularly attending services.

So, in other words, Untied Church membership has plummeted by more than 60%, and of those remaining members, less than one-third actually go to church on Sunday. This is a dying church, most likely because it has drifted so far away from the tenets of Christianity. And it would seem that the solution for its membership crisis is to double-down on wokeness. The end-result, alas, is that the United Church is a really just a church in name only.

But there’s plenty of blame to go around when it comes to a church reimagining itself as a strip club. For instance, what sort of a parent would be OK with bringing an elementary-age child to such a venue in the first place? I mean, where’s the Children’s Aid Society when you really need them?

But the really disturbing thing for me is the Ontario Provincial Police acting as the gestapo for the United Church, arresting someone for what… swearing in public? Protesting on a sidewalk? Those aren’t crimes. And if they are now quasi-crimes, well, all you freedom fighters toting around those “F Trudeau” flags in Ontario, be warned – the OPP might come a callin’.

Alas, being harassed by stupid cops who clearly do not know the law they are sworn to uphold is a matter of déjà vu for yours truly. In May 2021, Syd Fizzard and I went to Aylmer, Ontario, to do a story regarding the Church of God. The Church of God and its pastor, Henry Hildebrandt, were being continually harassed by everyone from bylaw and police officers to antifa types. And when we arrived at our destination, lo and behold, the Aylmer trans community – population two, by the way – was staging a protest across the street from the church on public land. I decided to interview the various he/hims and she/hers and apparently I must’ve asked an impolite question because the trans folks… called the Aylmer Police? Check it out:

How sad that Officers Dumb and Dumber have A. no appreciation for the independent free press; and B. do not even know the law. Being on a public place asking queries of demonstrators is NOT criminal harassment. But it would appear that members of law enforcement have been told by their superiors that, you guessed it, “if its trans its good and if its good its trans” and that hurt feelings meet the benchmark for criminal charges.

But what is really going on here?

I would argue that radical transgenderism a strategy being used by those who embrace a Marxist agenda. Marxism is all about breaking down the status quo and building up what remains into a Communist utopia. Except for one thing: as the deaths of some 100 million people under communism over the decades has proven, Marxism, much like the 1970 Ford Pinto, might look good on paper but in reality this tyranny is an utter disaster.

Indeed, let’s go back a decade – actually, say, just five years ago. What if I told you that in the near future that I was going to create a movement that would cast doubt on the validity of a proven proof – in this case, there are two sexes, male and female. What if I said my plan was to make people doubtful what a woman is, that even a female U.S. Supreme Court Justice would not be able to define the word “woman”? Would you have believed this could be achieved – and in such a short time frame?

And yet here we are. Thanks to woke politicians and activists and their useful idiots in the mainstream media, the dog is being wagged by the tail; the vast majority are being dictated to by mad Marxists and mentally ill people in the radical trans community, individuals who think it is perfectly reasonable to recruit minors into their fold.

Do you think maybe it’s time to push back? Do you think it’s time to stand up to this insanity? Or in the name of political correctness and wokeism and cancel culture, will we continue to bend the knee and lose this battle – a battle that will claim far too many children as its casualties…

GUEST: Spencer Fernando

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