'It's a scandal of epic proportions': Viva Frei weighs in on Parliament's Nazi fiasco

Viva Frei joins the Ezra Levant Show to weigh in on the Nazi fiasco that happened in the House of Commons. 'These buffoon-parliamentarians are giving a standing ovation to someone who fought valiantly against our allies,' Frei says.

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On the Ezra Levant Show, Ezra mentioned how this whole situation involving Yaroslav Hunka garnered more attention from foreign sources than from Canadians, apart from independent Twitter users.

Despite the presence of Canadian MPs, dignitaries, and national and international media at the Canadian parliament, no one initially questioned the introduction of a Canadian-Ukrainian war hero who fought against the Russians during the Second World War.

Ezra added that the first mainstream publication to cover this story was the Jewish Daily Forward, a century-old New York newspaper.

"They wrote about this before any Canadian medium did," he said. "And even today, I feel like the regime media in Canada are too busy making excuses and trying to heap all the blame on the scapegoat, the Speaker of the House, Rota and giving an easy buy to Chrystia Freeland and Justin Trudeau."

Ezra hinted to guest Viva Frei that he may see "more clearly what's going on in Canada" because he's no longer here. 

Viva Frei answered:

Ezra, it's a scandal of epic proportions. When you tweeted out 'I hope I'm wrong, but this guy looks like an SS Nazi soldier.'

And you look into it and then you watch the video. First of all, Rota is a scapegoat. There's no question about it, because when they're announcing this guy, Zelensky knows damn well who he is, and maybe not by name, but I'd be suspicious if it weren't also by name, because this guy Hunka had a history in Canada, he knows the history of Ukraine.

These buffoon-parliamentarians are giving a standing ovation to someone who fought valiantly against our allies. SS Nazi soldier or not. They have so little understanding of what they're doing.

Chrystia Freeland, if she didn't know him by name, she knew him by what his history represented. Zelensky, when he's accepting the ovations, knows damn well what this is because it's part and parcel of their history. The Canadian government, on the one hand, I think, knows about it and on the Conservative side are just ignorant, virtue-signalling buffoons.

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