'Nazis go away': Counter-protesters at YMCA take aim at those opposing ban of 80-year-old grandmother

'You see these signs calling people Nazis, when the main organizer of the event is Jewish,' said Rebel's Katie Daviscourt.

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On our most recent episode of Rebel Roundup, David Menzies was joined by Katie Daviscourt to discuss the protests and subsequent counter-protests revolving around the banning of 80-year-old grandmother Julie Jaman from the YMCA over alleged "discrimination."

As previously reported by Rebel News, Julie was banned from her local YMCA after asking an adult biological male  who was allegedly watching young girls get changed — to leave the women's change room. 

Speaking about the mindset of the far-left protesters, Katie stated, "They are stuck in their one way of thinking. Any dissenting view, 'you're a racist, a Nazi, a homophobe,' and they're dead set on those views."

As stated by David, "When they say Nazi Katie, they just mean somebody with a contrarian opinion. It's not to be met with words or other ideas, or debate, it's to be met with violence. And this is just the most recent example. And look what we're talking about, an 80-year-old lady who has, justifiably, an issue with a biological male in the lady's changeroom. And she's made out to be the villain! How do you make sense of this?"

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