‘Our fear of standing up against the COVID mob allowed this 2-year catastrophe’: Roman Baber

In an exclusive interview with the Conservative leadership candidate, Baber confronts issues that threaten the livelihoods of Canadians head-on.

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On last Wednesday's episode of the Ezra Levant show, guest host Sheila Gunn Reid was joined by Conservative Leadership candidate Roman Baber. He spoke about his stances on important issues, including the pandemic response, Canadian energy, indigenous issues and healthcare.

Baber, who as an MPP was kicked out of the Conservative caucus by Doug Ford in 2021 for criticizing lockdown measures, still maintains a strong position when it comes to the Covid-19 response. 

“Somehow, we allowed [the] government, public health, and our school system to convince our children that if they play next to one another in close proximity that someone, God forbid, may die. We are raising a generation of children that have suffered a mental trauma, who will have difficulty, potentially, leading a normal life.”

“And we should not be afraid to confront those that seek to further potentially, whether it’s purposefully or not, to inflict harm on our country, Canadians, and our economic interests.”

Baber also touched on another policy causing economic hardship for Canadians, that being Trudeau’s carbon tax and other radical environmentalist measures enacted by the Liberal party. 

"That is why I oppose the carbon tax, I do not believe that taxing Sally $10 at the gas pump is going to affect the global climate. I don’t think that anyone believes that anymore."

“Canada produces only 1.5 percent of all global emissions. Even if we were to cut all of them, it’s not clear that it would actually make any material difference in the climate. We know that most nations are now giving up on the Paris Accords, we know who the polluters are... I think that it’s not attainable and not necessary, which is why I’d take Canada out of the Paris Accords.”

The candidate also stressed the importance of providing clean drinking water to every indigenous community, something that Trudeau has failed in his promise to do

“We still have hundreds of communities around Canada who still don’t have access to clean drinking water. And, given today’s technologies, [with which] we can essentially make water anywhere and drop water out of air, that is inexcusable. That is why I’m committed to making sure every Canadian community has water by the end of my first term.”

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