'Where was the scientific rationale?': Rupa Subramanya discusses Trudeau's travel mandates

'Recently released court documents reveal that the Trudeau government’s travel vaccine mandate was driven by politics and not science,' wrote Rupa.

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On last night's episode of the Ezra Levant Show, guest host David Menzies was joined by National Post contributor Rupa Subramanya to discuss newly released court documents that reveal Justin Trudeau's travel mandates were not truly based on sound scientific evidence.

The vaccine-based travel mandates enacted by Justin Trudeau's Liberal government stifled the travel plans of thousands of Canadians while throwing the state of Canada's airports into disarray.

However, as reported by Rupa, "recently released court documents — which capture the decision-making behind the travel mandate—indicate that, far from following the science, the prime minister and his Cabinet were focused on politics."

As detailed in Rupa's article, “'The Trudeau government has claimed to follow the science on COVID, but that science is strangely different than it is everywhere else,' Bruce Pardy, a law professor at Queens University and a former board member at the conservative Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, said in an email. 'Instead, its policies are based on spite, divisiveness, and pure politics. COVID now serves as an excuse to punish the government’s ideological enemies.'”

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