Renowned cardiologist and Olympic gold medallists speak out at ‘Fire and Ice’ freedom conference

American cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough and Olympic gold medallists Theoren Fleury and Jamie Sale spoke with Rebel News at the Fire and Ice event in Red Deer, Alberta.

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Canadians for Truth played host to renowned American cardiologist and COVID-19 response critic Dr. Peter McCullough, who rapidly became one of the leading dissenters when it came to the global vaccine push and very much paved the way for other doctors who followed in his footsteps.

This was his first major Canadian appearance and more than 1,500 people made their way to Red Deer, Alberta to hear him speak at the sold-out event. He joined Canadian gold medallists Jamie Sale and Theoren Fleury in conversation as part of their Fire and Ice series, which has hosted a number of high-profile guests recently, including Sarah Palin who graciously granted us an interview that you can check out by clicking here.

Dr. Peter McCullough also joined us for an exclusive interview, in which we discussed the courage of the doctors who dared to speak out as problematic and unscientific COVID-19 protocols rolled out despite the risk it meant to their careers.

We also debunked the “settled science” narrative and discussed efforts by the Trudeau government to impede Canadians' access to natural health alternatives with Bill-47. Dr. McCullough also provided insight into the impact that the vaccines are being found to have on fertility in both men and women.

Jamie Sale and Theoren Fleury also shared about the risks of ostracization and vilification and the adverse impacts that speaking against the status quo can have, whether it be for medical professionals or professional athletes, in addition to breaking down just how impactful Dr. McCullough’s work has been in their lives.

Dr. Roger Hodkinson, who was in many ways Canada’s analog to Dr. McCullough, spoke about the shift that has occurred with the onset on COVID-19 with physicians' colleges and the government both invading the patient doctor relationship and adversely impacting trust in healthcare. He also shared concerns about attacks against safe, effective and time-tested natural alternatives by the big-pharma pushing federal government.

Our very own Editor-in-Chief Sheila Gunn Reid was also in attendance to enjoy the event as a spectator, but she graciously agreed to come on camera to discuss why she believes so many people came from across Alberta, and beyond, to hear the good doctor speak.

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