Alberta continues to throw stretched resources at lockdown-defying Mom's Diner

Despite its limited legal resources, the Alberta government is set on punishing retro Red Deer restaurant Mom's Diner.

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The owners of Mom's Diner were back in Red Deer court Monday to fight the lockdown ticket they received early this year when the fun 50s-style burger joint refused to rope off their dining room to guests.

Wesley and Leslie Langois were part of the restaurant rebellion in Alberta where pubs, diners, bars and lunch counters rallied together to openly defy the government's latest mandated closure to dine-in customers. When we first met the Langois duo, they were getting a ticket from Red Deer authorities the moment I rolled up.

Rebel News supporters have been helping the gang from Mom's Diner fight their tickets in court at no cost to them through generous donations to in partnership with a registered Canadian charity, The Democracy Fund.

Top civil litigator Chad Williamson and the team at Williamson Law have been working hard for Wes and Leslie at no cost to them. And the Langois' need all the help they can get because the Alberta government is sparing no expense to prosecute them.

Frustratingly, Monday's hearing was adjourned to September of 2022 as the judge and lawyers await the outcome of another trial. The Langois just want this all over.

Alberta is facing an extreme shortage of prosecutors. The Solicitor General's office was supposed to hire 50 new crown prosecutors over the course of 2021 and 2022, with 20 of those new hires on stream by the end of this year. Only three of 20 are on the job now with one month left in the calendar year.

The shortage of prosecutors is putting some 1,200 real cases in jeopardy of being dismissed due to delays.

Why is the Alberta government wasting limited resources fighting with people like the Langois family — who never made anyone sick but who refused to go broke quietly — when rapists and violent offenders could walk?

Is saving face and teaching business people a lesson about listening to the government really more important than keeping our communities safe from real offenders? I guess we will find out when Mom's Diner is back in court in 10 months.

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