Alberta government docs disprove Feds claim EA needed to access tow trucks

Although the Alberta government was refused by tow and energy companies across Western Canada and Montana when looking for contractors to clear the border blockade in Coutts, AB, the province was able to find and purchase 12 pieces of used heavy haul equipment in the days prior to the invocation of the Emergencies Act.

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The Alberta government purchased $820,000 in heavy haul, loaders, and towing equipment on February 11, 2022 - three days before the Trudeau Liberals used the Emergencies Act to end anti-mandate protests in Ottawa and a blockade in Coutts, AB.

The blockade had largely resolved itself the day before the Liberals invoked the never-before-used war-time law, which suspended civil liberties and gave police extraordinary power of arrest, search, seizure and expropriation. The Liberals have long argued that the EA was necessary to compel tow operators to do the government's bidding and clear away trucks in Ottawa and Coutts. However, police testimony from both protest sites disputes that claim.

Three truckers are facing up to ten years in jail for the role they are alleged to have played in the blockade at Coutts.

To aid in the legal defence of Marco Van Huigenbos, Alex Van Herk and George Janzen, who each face a count of mischief over $5,000, please visit

Read the documents:

UPDATE: Rebel News is crowdfunding the legal defence for Alex Van Herk and George Janzen.

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