Alberta government REFUSING to promptly disclose documents on treatment of Pastor Artur Pawlowski

What is the Alberta government hiding about their treatment of these men?

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The Alberta government is stonewalling a Rebel News investigation into the justice ministry's persecution and incarceration of Pastor Artur Pawlowski for breaking public health orders when he refused to close his church.

Pawlowski was Rebel News' very first Fight The Fines client when he was ticketed by Calgary police for feeding the homeless, after the city dubbed his outreach ministry an "illegal public gathering." In partnership with the registered Canadian charity The Democracy Fund, and through crowdfunding, we hired Pawlowski a great lawyer named Sarah Miller to fight those lockdown tickets in court.

When ticket after ticket didn't bring Pawlowski to heel, the government got creative. The government sought a secret court order that restrained the ability of all Albertans to partake in illegal public gatherings, which at the time, also included non-compliant church services and protests against the lockdown.

This order led to the arrest of four people over just a few days. Small-town diner owner Chris Scott was arrested after the government chained his restaurant shut to force him to close. Pastor Tim Stephens was arrested in front of his kids and held for weeks for not closing his church, and Artur and his brother Dawid were arrested and held for nearly three days after a SWAT team-style takedown on a busy Calgary street after church. And now that a judge has found Art and Dawid to be guilty of contempt, the government wants them to be held for 21 and 10 more days, respectively. We find out their fate on October 13. You can help fund their enormous legal fees at

But the government won't tell us about the decision-making process involved in the constant harassment of Art and his brother. Rebel News filed an access to information request for documents from the Alberta Solicitor General and Justice Ministry regarding the pastor between January 1 and May 21, 2021.

First, the government took a 30-day delay and sent us a nearly $1,300 bill. We paid the money and waited. We recently heard back from the government. Instead of documents, we were unceremoniously handed another delay — until April 22, 2022 — bringing the delay to 11 months!

What is the Alberta government hiding about their treatment of these men?

To fund our ongoing access to information investigations, please donate to our special fund to offset our research and filing costs at

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  • By Adam Soos

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