Alberta NDP MLA applauds alleged Islamist sympathizer at legislature

NDP MLA Rod Loyola welcomed British Islamic cleric Musharraf Hussain to the Alberta Legislature October 31, acknowledging his supposed calls for 'justice and peace.' But in 2021, Hussian called Hamas a 'legitimate resistance group,' and urged people to give the Taliban 'the benefit of doubt and opportunity.'

Alberta NDP MLA applauds alleged Islamist sympathizer at legislature
Facebook/ Rodrigo Loyola and Facebook/ Musharraf Hussain
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An Opposition MLA faces stern pushback from the Alberta government over his praise of an Islamic leader who sympathized with Hamas and the Taliban.

NDP MLA Rod Loyola welcomed British Islamic cleric Musharraf Hussain to the legislature October 31, acknowledging his Quranic translations and supposed calls for “justice and peace for all of humanity.”

“He is accompanied by Syed Hasan and Ebrahim Dhooma, founder and principal of Al-Mustafa Academy, as well as Adil Hasan, a leading member of the National Council of Canadian Muslims,” said Loyola in a speech.

Noticeably absent from the address, however, is mention of the cleric calling Hamas a “legitimate resistance group” in 2021.

“The world must make Israel abide by international law; it cannot be allowed to act with impunity any longer; it must know that there will be consequences for its illegal actions,” wrote Hussain in a blog to his personal website.

“Despite its claims to the contrary, Israel’s targets are civilians as well as the so-called ‘terrorists’ of the legitimate resistance groups,” he said. “Muslims have a duty to stand up for what is right and condemn what is wrong, even if it is against ourselves.”

Still, Loyola and the entire legislature applauded the Islamic figure, reported the Western Standard.

UCP MLA Jason Stephan expressed his frustrations with Loyola disgracing the legislature by giving praise to an alleged supporter of Islamic terror.

“I’m disappointed that someone [like him] would be invited in good faith,” he told the Western Standard. Stephan said outright that figures who endorse terrorism or ideas contrary to Alberta’s values should not receive an applause, let alone an invite to the legislature.

Also in 2021, Hussain told Nottinghamshire Live that foreigners should cease hostilities with the Taliban in Afghanistan and “give them the benefit of doubt and opportunity.” 

“Our conflicts and wars all begin when we misjudge people,” he said, claiming they “can bring really positive and good change.”

If Loyola knew about Hussain’s background, the acknowledgement and applause weakens the public trust of all MLAs, claimed Stephan.

“[Loyola] has a stewardship and a duty to vet his guests in a way that it doesn’t bring disrepute to our legislature and to the chamber,” he added.

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