Alberta NDP MLA says Israelis are ‘barbarians,’ guilty of genocide

'#watchIsrael commit genocide, unhindered,' Lizette Tejada, the NDP MLA for Calgary Klein, posted in a series of newly uncovered social media rants.

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Last weekend, in what's being described as Israel's 9/11, over 1,200 Israeli civilians were killed in a wave of brutal terror attacks. Another 2,700 were wounded, and hundreds of others are either missing or kidnapped by Hamas terrorists.

Tejada, first elected in 2023, ironically serves as the NDP Critic for anti-Racism, diversity & 2SLGBTQ+ issues.

Tejada, posting under a now-defunct Twitter account @Lizette_YYC, sent several tweets accusing Israel of apartheid, genocide, and demanding sanctions against Israel during the July 2014 war in Gaza, known as Operation Protective Edge.

Tejada currently operates a Tiktok account with the same @LizetteYYC handle, where she gives her preferred pronouns, describes herself as the NDP MLA for Calgary-Klein and links back to the Alberta NDP website to donate to her riding association.

A July 23, 2014 tweet read, "@/dwaynedavidpaul I remember when sanctions were imposed on South Africa. We need more than strongly worded admonitions now. #expellIsrael."

Another tweet, sent by Tejada, on the same day in reply to the same user, read, "Maybe the early signs that the world has grown tired of a genocidal apartheid state in 2014." 

Yet another tweet by Tejada, sent on August 1, 2014, accused Israel of genocide.

"@/nittsitapii my heart can't hold this anymore. I want to scream. #GazaUnderAttack #watchIsrael commit genocide, unhindered!"

Operation Protective Edge was a military operation by Israel beginning July 8, 2014, on Hamas-controlled Gaza after heavy rocket fire from Gaza into Israeli cities. The war lasted 50 days.

Tejada's anti-Israel sentiment goes much further than her opinions on Operation Protective Edge.

In January 2014, Tejada chirped CBC Radio's The Current and former Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper, a staunch ally of Israel, with her anti-Semitic views.

"@/TheCurrentCBC @/PMHarper Our PM unequivocally supports an apartheid state. Our government is an international embarrassment on many levels." 

In 2009, in a comment on the Tales to Tell blog, Lizette Tejada wrote of Israel:

Barbarians... this is not about self-defence. This is about killing the past, present and the future. As always, you are in my prayers....and the prayers of millions throughout the world.

Tejada's boss, NDP leader Rachel Notley, condemned the Hamas attacks in the only post she sent on the brutality on October 7.

However, the NDP-linked union movement has been under fire and facing controversy for pro-Hamas statements from its leadership in other provinces.

Please sign the petition calling for Lizette Tejada to resign or be fired for her anti-Semitic statements, right here on this page.

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