Heads up Ottawa, the West wants out. Premiere of 'Ungovernable: Alberta's Quest for Independence' kicks off in Calgary

Alberta's had a lot on its plate lately.

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On Wednesday, Rebel News' new documentary Ungovernable: Alberta's Quest for Independence debuted at the Canyon Meadows theatre in Calgary, Alberta. This documentary explores the rich history of Canada's most rebellious province. The original, grassroots production was produced by Rebel's very own Kian Simone, starring guests like MLA Shane Getson; Dr. Dennis Modry from the Alberta Prosperity Project; and businessman/cowboy Tariq Elnaga.

Alberta's had a lot on its plate lately. After decades of suppression by the use and abuse of the overreaching federal government in western affairs, Albertans are fed-up, and on a mission to take back their sovereignty.

The West wants out.

With new Premier Danielle Smith recently sworn in, some Albertans are holding their breath in anticipation of whether Smith's promises to take back Alberta's sovereignty represent more than just a pipe dream.

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