“Alienated” from Alberta Health: New Dimension Tattoos followed mask bylaw, ticketed anyway

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A Calgary Tattoo shop received a lockdown ticket for not letting the Alberta Health Service inspectors storm their shop to snoop for COVID infractions.

Dimension Tattoos in Calgary is meticulously clean, run by two people who take matters of public health very seriously. Sarah Ken and Peel Smith have to.

In the tattoo industry, one must be highly trained — and then re-trained — in preventing infectious disease transmission and the spread of blood borne illnesses.

Peel has been in the business for three decades. In fact, he is a second generation tattoo artist and he is at the top of his game. However, Peel has complex health issues that make wearing a mask impossible for him, especially for the long periods of time he would be working on a client.

Sarah is mask exempt too, for medical reasons. The pair always let any clients booking with the shop know they cannot wear masks ahead of time as part of their routine health screening measures.

Everyone coming into Peel and Sarah’s spotless shop has agreed to the mask-free nature of the appointment beforehand. Peel and Sarah also understand that some of their clients cannot wear masks either. But some non-client COVID Karens called health and city authorities to tattle Peel and Sarah for not wearing masks, opening them up to surveillance and harassment, and now a lockdown ticket for $1,000.

Peel and Sarah now live with constant anxiety about some vindictive bureaucrat pulling their business licence, their health permit, or having them evicted by harassing their landlord. They fear fines, or being forced to close forever.

They barely survived the government lockdown on their industry, now the government wants to euthanize them with fines for having health issues that prevent them from wearing masks.

Rebel News is helping New Dimension Tattoos fight that lockdown ticket in court.

We have put them in touch with Chad Williamson, the top notch litigation specialist from Williamson Law who fought like a lion for the Whistle Stop Cafe. We’re doing it all at no cost to Peel and Sarah by crowdfunding their legal fees at our special lockdown civil liberties project, www.FightTheFines.com.

If you’d like to contribute to help Peel and Sarah and the hundreds of other Canadians and businesses slapped with egregious COVID fines, pleased donate at www.FightTheFines.com.

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