Analyzing Montreal's anti-Israel rally: Exploring Hamas' influence

On October 20, a demonstration in Montreal brought together students and allies at McGill University.

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Huge crowds occupied Premier Francois Legault's office entrance using signs to block access.

Key messages during this event included:

From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be free.

From Gaza to Montreal, Normalize Intifada, Globalize Intifada.

Trudeau, Legault, Biden, you can't hide, you will be charged for Genocide.

To comprehend the gravity of these statements, one must delve into the nature of Hamas and its ideology.

Hamas is an extremist Islamic organization that emerged in 1988. Its foundational document, known as the "Hamas Covenant," outlines a radical agenda that includes the destruction of Israel.

It asserts that Palestine is an Islamic land and promotes the idea that its liberation is an individual duty for every Muslim. This ideology has led to violent strategies, including suicide bombings, and categorization as a terrorist organization by many countries and international bodies. 

The conflict has persisted for over a century, and these protests are directly related to Hamas' actions.

This raises questions about whether pro-Palestinian demonstrators support Hamas or advocate for a free Palestine. It's essential to recognize the gray area between these positions.

These events are likely to exacerbate societal divisions. Stay tuned for more updates at

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